International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Ahoy there me hearties! Time to swab the decks and hoist the mainsail ye scurvy sea dogs.

I love talking like a pirate even if it does embarrass my 6 year old on the school run. OK, especially as it embarrasses him. I was a good mum however and only threatened to greet his teacher with the words “Ahoy there”. I’m going to have to rein it in a bit when I’m writing too. Although my latest story is about pirates and I will have to swash the occasional buckle it is mostly about grief, loss, adolescence and transformation so too much of the ‘scurvy dog”s might detract from the serious tone.

I’m hoping to set a priatey tone without too much arrring, tempting though it is. I think it’s a hard line to walk between seeming genuine and being a parody. There will be some serious editing when this work is written!

I think writing one of the battle scenes today might satisfy my inner pirate for the moment. To satisfy yours have a sing-a-long with this lot-



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