Arran’s Halloween story

Arran (aged 5) had a go with my Halloween story stones.

He tipped them out and turned up a black cat, a monster, haunted forest, graveyard, potion and pumpkin.

craft fair 1 Here’s his story


Poisoncat lived on his own in a haunted forest. Poisoncat poisoned anyone who touched him. He had no friends because no one wanted to play with him in case they touched him accidentally and got poisoned.

One day Poisoncat made a potion out of smelly old eggs, rotten pumpkins, a candle and a little piece of lava to make it go bang (he tipped the lava out of a little tub made of rock). The potion went BANG, he drank a bit of it and it made him non-poisonous.

A monster went up to Poisoncat and played with him in the graveyard. They played lots of games and had a good time. They raced from one side of the graveyard to the other. They gave each other stones that looked like crystals as prizes for the races.




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