Spooky Stories

I’ve made some Halloween story stones because there’s nothing better on a cold autumn day than sitting round a fire (OK I haven’t actually got a fire…) with the lights down and telling spooky stories! I’m not sure how good I am at spooky stories but this is what I came up with after picking these story stones- witch, monster, broomstick, pumpkin, cellar and spooky house

IMG_8120 I

Stevie the monster loved sweets but he couldn’t often get any. Whenever anyone saw him lurching towards them they screamed ‘Aaaaarghhh! It’s a monster!’ which scared Stevie so much that he ran away.

But Halloween was just fantastic for Stevie. He could actually walk up to people’s houses, knock on their doors and get given sweets! Stevie loved ‘trick or treat’. Everyone thought he was a human dressed up and no one shouted at him. He loved the sweeties and he loved being normal for once.

Halloween night was chilly and dark, the moon and stars shone brightly as Stevie set off with his pumpkin lantern. It didn’t take Stevie long to collect enough sweets to munch. He stopped before a big metal gate and stared at the dark towering house behind it. It looked pretty scary and Stevie was wondering whether to try trick or treating here or whether to run away when WHOOOOOSSSHHH, along came a witch on a broomstick. She landed in front of Stevie and cackled loudly. Stevie looked at her. She cackled more.

Stevie said ‘hello’

‘Why aren’t you scared of me?’ she demanded ‘I am a real witch, didn’t you see me fly?’ she went on indignantly.

‘Yup’ said Stevie ‘but I’m a real monster. My name’s Stevie, what’s yours?’

‘Oh’ said the witch looking disappointed ‘I’m Rowan. What are you doing with that pumpkin?’

Stevie explained about the sweets and how he loved Halloween because he could get lots of them. That hadn’t occurred to Rowan who loved Halloween simply because she could scare people. She did like sweets though!


They decided the house wouldn’t seem so scary if they went there together. The big gate creaked slowly open and they walked up the long path, bats flew round their heads all the way to the front door. They knocked hesitantly with the large iron knocker. The rat-a-tat echoed through the house but no one came to the door. They were just about to give up and leave when they heard footsteps. They were slow loud footsteps which got louder and louder, then the door was opened a tiny crack and a big booming voice said ‘Yes?’

‘Errr…’ said Stevie. ‘Trick or Treat’ Stevie and Rowan said together.


‘Ah, come in and follow me’ said the voice. The door swung open to show an almost black hallway. A big, shadowy shape moved off shuffling down the hall. Stevie and Rowan looked at each other and slowly followed. The figure stopped by a door and said ‘Through here’.

The witch and the monster walked through to find brick steps leading downwards. The door slammed shut above them as they reached the bottom of a dimly lit, cobwebby cellar.

A small, scratchy voice said ‘Hello, what do you want?’

‘Trick or treat’

Suddenly the light went out, Stevie and Rowan screamed ‘Aaarrrrrgggghhhh!’

The voice shouted ‘TRICK!’


The End.

Please add your own spooky stories below. If you’d like your own Halloween stones you can buy them here http://supermumscraftfair.co.uk/products/halloween/halloween-story-stones/#.UjHdacaTwUg


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