David the Dolphin


David the Dolphin

David was playing hide and seek with the young dolphins of D pod. He could not find anyone anywhere. At the edge of the reef he caught sight of a giant clam shell and saw the top move a little bit. He swam up really fast  and flung the shell open. ‘You’re not a dolphin!’ he said in amazement. ‘No I’m a mermaid. My name is Princess Aramina, who are you?’ said the creature from inside the shell. David explained about his game with D pod and they looked at each other. Aramina swam out and David saw she was half fish half girl. She had long black hair, a shell shirt and a sparkly blue scaled tail.

‘Do you live here?’ asked David ‘I’ve never seen a mermaid here before’

‘No my family are looking for a new town and I’ve lost them’ Aramina blinked back tears. ‘Have you seen them anywhere near here David?’

‘No’ said David and seeing how upset Aramina was he took her back to D pod so they could go and search for the mermaids. David’s Mum was a very organised dolphin so she took charge of the hunt for the mermaids. Soon all the adults were looking for Aramina’s parents. All the young  dolphins listened to the story of Aramina and the other mermaids being driven out of their town by a group of nasty sharks. While they were listening to Aramina’s sad and scary tale they were slowly swimming along round Hearty island.

‘Hey’ said David suddenly ‘I’ve thought of a good place for a city and it’s very near here!’ He led them to a rocky reef full of big caves. Aramina looked round in delight. It was just what her family and friends were looking for. Rocky enough to keep people away and shallow enough water to stop the sharks moving in. Aramina and the young dolphins were having an exciting game of chase in and out of the rocks and round the shoals of brightly coloured fish when along came D pod and a whole towns worth of mermaids. Aramina, David and the other dolphins raced up to meet them and told them about the reef and how good it would be to live in.

After a lot of talking and quite a bit of hugging Aramina, the mermaids and dolphins had a good look round the reef. They all decided it really was a good place for a city. Aramina’s Mum, the mermaid queen, decided to move the mermaids to the reef and the dolphins promised to help keep the sharks away. The mermaids and D pod became good friends. Aramina and her friends loved playing with the D pod dolphins and David was soon Aramina’s best friend.


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