Dell the Dolphin


Dell was bored, she had no one to play with and nothing to do. She swam around the reef teasing everyone until a shark told her to go away. She swam off sighing deeply.

Next to the reef there was a white gleam in the murky sunlight. Dell swam up to it ‘Ooh a big clam shell’  she said ‘I wonder if there’s anything inside’  She nudged at the shell and it slowly started to creak, then suddenly snapped, all the way open. Dell jumped but was far too curious to swim away. She peered in ‘Oh wow’ she said as she saw a chest half open with coins,  jewels and watches spilling out into the shell. ‘Treasure!’

After Dell had explored the treasure chest, played with the jewellery and spun coins through the water she stopped and wondered what to do. Dell really wanted to keep the glittery things to play with but knew they weren’t hers. One silvery watch caught her eye, it had ‘Steve Perkins’ written on it. Dell knew Steve, he was a boatbuilder on Hearty Island, a friend to all the young dolphins. So Dell gently picked up the watch and took it to the harbour where Steve was repairing a small wooden boat. ‘I never thought I’d see that again!’ exclaimed Steve as he took the watch ‘Thanks Dell, where did you get it? Bad Bill the pirate took it from me last week.’ Dell realised she’d found pirate treasure in the clam shell!

Dell told Steve the whole story and they decided to return as much of the treasure as they could to it’s original owners. Steve ran off to find as many people as he could while Dell carefully got every last piece of treasure up from the chest. Marilla the bar owner got her purse of gold coins, old Bert got his father’s compass and Mrs Herbert got her jewellery back. Everyone had been robbed by Bad Bill at some point and they all got their belongings back thanks to Dell.

What a busy day and it’s not over yet thought Dell. She was carrying the big treasure chest on her back. She swam to the small rocky harbour that Bad Bill’s ship ‘The Bronze Goat’ was moored in. She surfaced by the boat and several of the crew shouted to Bad Bill. ‘My treasure chest!’ he roared and leaning over his ship in a dangerous way he snatched the chest from Dell. ‘You scurvy dolphin! You’re lucky my pistols are below deck!’  he shouted. But he shouted even louder when he opened the chest! Legs the lobster leapt out and hung onto Bill’s nose with his very sharp claw! ‘AAAArrrghhh!’ screamed Bad Bill and ran round and round the deck trying to shake Legs off ‘AAAAArrrrghhh!’

Dell could hardly swim she was laughing so hard when she made her way back to tell the islanders all about it. Legs and Dell were fed the finest fish and toasted all evening as the villagers celebrated the return of the treasure and the sore nose of Bad Bill the pirate.



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