Fairy Tale

Here is a story I wrote using the fairy tale story stones. I picked these stones:

witch dragontreehouse


Sam was  a witch, she lived in a beautiful treehouse in a big, dark forest. Most people living nearby were scared of her even though she’d never harmed anyone. She lived simply in the forest making medicine and learning all about trees and plants. Her magic wand helped make her potions and let her talk to the plants. Sam liked talking to the plants because she hadn’t got any friends but to be honest they weren’t very clever!

When Sam was feeling down she would go for a long walk. One dreary day she walked to the furthest edge of the forest and looked out through the  trees to see green rolling fields and a big stone tower in the very middle of the nearest field. ‘I wonder who lives there’ she said and set off to see.

At the bottom of the tower she couldn’t see a door, looking up, at the very top was one window. ‘Is anyone there?’ she called loudly, but no one answered. Sam waved her wand and a door appeared right in front of her. She opened it slowly and found a staircase spiralling up. She held her wand in front of her and walked up and up and round and round and up some more. At the top she leaned, panting, against the wall in front of a big red door. Now she’d made it all the way to the top she was a little bit scared, who would be behind the door and how had they got there?

Sam could hear noises from behind the door so she knew something, or someone was there.  ‘I AM a witch’ she said loudly to give herself courage and flung open the door.

‘ARRRRRGHHHH, a witch!’ shouted a deep but scared voice and Sam saw a massive red dragon sitting on the floor with an equally massive sword lying in front of it. The dragon fumbled with its talons for the sword but dropped it.

‘Don’t be scared’ said Sam ‘I won’t hurt you’

‘Everyone wants to hurt me’ said the dragon sadly.

‘That’s because they are scared of you, people are scared of me too’  smiled Sam.

‘That’s because you are a witch!’

‘I’m a good witch’

‘I’m a good dragon!’

‘Well now we know that we needn’t be scared of each other’ Sam laughed and walked forward ‘I’m Sam’

The dragon laughed too ‘I’m Blade’.


Have you told any fairy tales you want to share?


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