Story shells?

I had to bring home a bag of shells from my recent holiday in Spain, I couldn’t resist! may_219

So now I have to decide what to do with them! I was thinking story shells as I have some small flat ones

with white surfaces on the inside… but then I thought they would make good small book covers and I

could write stories or photo books to go inside them.


The beach, in Galicia, was lovely may_256 I love the sea and we were lucky enough to be staying right next to it.


We didn’t think up many stories while we were there as we were too busy collecting shells, exploring and paddling. I did try to

persuade Arran that dolphins wanted him to swim off with them but he wasn’t so keen until I thought that they could take him to

a pizza place in a harbour so he didn’t have to eat raw fish! And I am working on a story involving pirates, dolphins and a possible



2 thoughts on “Story shells?

  1. Sounds fun! We are going to the ocean soon, and maybe we will collect some story shells. I mght have to write a mermaid story, too!

  2. Well just about to post Dell the Dolphin’s story, it has a pirate. I think the next one will be a mermaid one. I had fun crochetting a dolphin and working out how to make holes in shells so I could put her inside! Have fun at the ocean, hope you get some good shells.

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