May Eve

Today is a great one for good stories, the sun is shining the bees and butterflies are out. On my dog walk I ignored the litter and poo and looked at the sun reflecting the river onto the tree trunks, listened to the birds sing and the dog splashing in the water.

So here’s a happy story Arran wrote with the space themed stones (ignoring the impromptu fight in the middle between the good and bad aliens on the other side of the stones he picked!)


Arran’s space story


One day there was a spaceman called Fred  spaceman

he went in his rocket rocket to a red planet red planet

and he saw a robot there robot

They played tag, hide and seek and football together. The robot was a little boy robot called Beep Beep because he was an alien.


Then they had dinner. The spaceman had bought his with him. He had a veggie burger, some toast and some coke. The robot had a veggie burger with alien eyes on top and some green juice. Then the spaceman went back in his rocket and went home.


He didn’t use the satellite and moon stones he picked out.

Have you or your children got any happy stories you’d like to tell us?


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