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Arran’s Halloween story

Arran (aged 5) had a go with my Halloween story stones.

He tipped them out and turned up a black cat, a monster, haunted forest, graveyard, potion and pumpkin.

craft fair 1 Here’s his story


Poisoncat lived on his own in a haunted forest. Poisoncat poisoned anyone who touched him. He had no friends because no one wanted to play with him in case they touched him accidentally and got poisoned.

One day Poisoncat made a potion out of smelly old eggs, rotten pumpkins, a candle and a little piece of lava to make it go bang (he tipped the lava out of a little tub made of rock). The potion went BANG, he drank a bit of it and it made him non-poisonous.

A monster went up to Poisoncat and played with him in the graveyard. They played lots of games and had a good time. They raced from one side of the graveyard to the other. They gave each other stones that looked like crystals as prizes for the races.




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Spooky Stories

I’ve made some Halloween story stones because there’s nothing better on a cold autumn day than sitting round a fire (OK I haven’t actually got a fire…) with the lights down and telling spooky stories! I’m not sure how good I am at spooky stories but this is what I came up with after picking these story stones- witch, monster, broomstick, pumpkin, cellar and spooky house

IMG_8120 I

Stevie the monster loved sweets but he couldn’t often get any. Whenever anyone saw him lurching towards them they screamed ‘Aaaaarghhh! It’s a monster!’ which scared Stevie so much that he ran away.

But Halloween was just fantastic for Stevie. He could actually walk up to people’s houses, knock on their doors and get given sweets! Stevie loved ‘trick or treat’. Everyone thought he was a human dressed up and no one shouted at him. He loved the sweeties and he loved being normal for once.

Halloween night was chilly and dark, the moon and stars shone brightly as Stevie set off with his pumpkin lantern. It didn’t take Stevie long to collect enough sweets to munch. He stopped before a big metal gate and stared at the dark towering house behind it. It looked pretty scary and Stevie was wondering whether to try trick or treating here or whether to run away when WHOOOOOSSSHHH, along came a witch on a broomstick. She landed in front of Stevie and cackled loudly. Stevie looked at her. She cackled more.

Stevie said ‘hello’

‘Why aren’t you scared of me?’ she demanded ‘I am a real witch, didn’t you see me fly?’ she went on indignantly.

‘Yup’ said Stevie ‘but I’m a real monster. My name’s Stevie, what’s yours?’

‘Oh’ said the witch looking disappointed ‘I’m Rowan. What are you doing with that pumpkin?’

Stevie explained about the sweets and how he loved Halloween because he could get lots of them. That hadn’t occurred to Rowan who loved Halloween simply because she could scare people. She did like sweets though!


They decided the house wouldn’t seem so scary if they went there together. The big gate creaked slowly open and they walked up the long path, bats flew round their heads all the way to the front door. They knocked hesitantly with the large iron knocker. The rat-a-tat echoed through the house but no one came to the door. They were just about to give up and leave when they heard footsteps. They were slow loud footsteps which got louder and louder, then the door was opened a tiny crack and a big booming voice said ‘Yes?’

‘Errr…’ said Stevie. ‘Trick or Treat’ Stevie and Rowan said together.


‘Ah, come in and follow me’ said the voice. The door swung open to show an almost black hallway. A big, shadowy shape moved off shuffling down the hall. Stevie and Rowan looked at each other and slowly followed. The figure stopped by a door and said ‘Through here’.

The witch and the monster walked through to find brick steps leading downwards. The door slammed shut above them as they reached the bottom of a dimly lit, cobwebby cellar.

A small, scratchy voice said ‘Hello, what do you want?’

‘Trick or treat’

Suddenly the light went out, Stevie and Rowan screamed ‘Aaarrrrrgggghhhh!’

The voice shouted ‘TRICK!’


The End.

Please add your own spooky stories below. If you’d like your own Halloween stones you can buy them here

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David the Dolphin


David the Dolphin

David was playing hide and seek with the young dolphins of D pod. He could not find anyone anywhere. At the edge of the reef he caught sight of a giant clam shell and saw the top move a little bit. He swam up really fast  and flung the shell open. ‘You’re not a dolphin!’ he said in amazement. ‘No I’m a mermaid. My name is Princess Aramina, who are you?’ said the creature from inside the shell. David explained about his game with D pod and they looked at each other. Aramina swam out and David saw she was half fish half girl. She had long black hair, a shell shirt and a sparkly blue scaled tail.

‘Do you live here?’ asked David ‘I’ve never seen a mermaid here before’

‘No my family are looking for a new town and I’ve lost them’ Aramina blinked back tears. ‘Have you seen them anywhere near here David?’

‘No’ said David and seeing how upset Aramina was he took her back to D pod so they could go and search for the mermaids. David’s Mum was a very organised dolphin so she took charge of the hunt for the mermaids. Soon all the adults were looking for Aramina’s parents. All the young  dolphins listened to the story of Aramina and the other mermaids being driven out of their town by a group of nasty sharks. While they were listening to Aramina’s sad and scary tale they were slowly swimming along round Hearty island.

‘Hey’ said David suddenly ‘I’ve thought of a good place for a city and it’s very near here!’ He led them to a rocky reef full of big caves. Aramina looked round in delight. It was just what her family and friends were looking for. Rocky enough to keep people away and shallow enough water to stop the sharks moving in. Aramina and the young dolphins were having an exciting game of chase in and out of the rocks and round the shoals of brightly coloured fish when along came D pod and a whole towns worth of mermaids. Aramina, David and the other dolphins raced up to meet them and told them about the reef and how good it would be to live in.

After a lot of talking and quite a bit of hugging Aramina, the mermaids and dolphins had a good look round the reef. They all decided it really was a good place for a city. Aramina’s Mum, the mermaid queen, decided to move the mermaids to the reef and the dolphins promised to help keep the sharks away. The mermaids and D pod became good friends. Aramina and her friends loved playing with the D pod dolphins and David was soon Aramina’s best friend.


Dell the Dolphin


Dell was bored, she had no one to play with and nothing to do. She swam around the reef teasing everyone until a shark told her to go away. She swam off sighing deeply.

Next to the reef there was a white gleam in the murky sunlight. Dell swam up to it ‘Ooh a big clam shell’  she said ‘I wonder if there’s anything inside’  She nudged at the shell and it slowly started to creak, then suddenly snapped, all the way open. Dell jumped but was far too curious to swim away. She peered in ‘Oh wow’ she said as she saw a chest half open with coins,  jewels and watches spilling out into the shell. ‘Treasure!’

After Dell had explored the treasure chest, played with the jewellery and spun coins through the water she stopped and wondered what to do. Dell really wanted to keep the glittery things to play with but knew they weren’t hers. One silvery watch caught her eye, it had ‘Steve Perkins’ written on it. Dell knew Steve, he was a boatbuilder on Hearty Island, a friend to all the young dolphins. So Dell gently picked up the watch and took it to the harbour where Steve was repairing a small wooden boat. ‘I never thought I’d see that again!’ exclaimed Steve as he took the watch ‘Thanks Dell, where did you get it? Bad Bill the pirate took it from me last week.’ Dell realised she’d found pirate treasure in the clam shell!

Dell told Steve the whole story and they decided to return as much of the treasure as they could to it’s original owners. Steve ran off to find as many people as he could while Dell carefully got every last piece of treasure up from the chest. Marilla the bar owner got her purse of gold coins, old Bert got his father’s compass and Mrs Herbert got her jewellery back. Everyone had been robbed by Bad Bill at some point and they all got their belongings back thanks to Dell.

What a busy day and it’s not over yet thought Dell. She was carrying the big treasure chest on her back. She swam to the small rocky harbour that Bad Bill’s ship ‘The Bronze Goat’ was moored in. She surfaced by the boat and several of the crew shouted to Bad Bill. ‘My treasure chest!’ he roared and leaning over his ship in a dangerous way he snatched the chest from Dell. ‘You scurvy dolphin! You’re lucky my pistols are below deck!’  he shouted. But he shouted even louder when he opened the chest! Legs the lobster leapt out and hung onto Bill’s nose with his very sharp claw! ‘AAAArrrghhh!’ screamed Bad Bill and ran round and round the deck trying to shake Legs off ‘AAAAArrrrghhh!’

Dell could hardly swim she was laughing so hard when she made her way back to tell the islanders all about it. Legs and Dell were fed the finest fish and toasted all evening as the villagers celebrated the return of the treasure and the sore nose of Bad Bill the pirate.



Fairy Tale

Here is a story I wrote using the fairy tale story stones. I picked these stones:

witch dragontreehouse


Sam was  a witch, she lived in a beautiful treehouse in a big, dark forest. Most people living nearby were scared of her even though she’d never harmed anyone. She lived simply in the forest making medicine and learning all about trees and plants. Her magic wand helped make her potions and let her talk to the plants. Sam liked talking to the plants because she hadn’t got any friends but to be honest they weren’t very clever!

When Sam was feeling down she would go for a long walk. One dreary day she walked to the furthest edge of the forest and looked out through the  trees to see green rolling fields and a big stone tower in the very middle of the nearest field. ‘I wonder who lives there’ she said and set off to see.

At the bottom of the tower she couldn’t see a door, looking up, at the very top was one window. ‘Is anyone there?’ she called loudly, but no one answered. Sam waved her wand and a door appeared right in front of her. She opened it slowly and found a staircase spiralling up. She held her wand in front of her and walked up and up and round and round and up some more. At the top she leaned, panting, against the wall in front of a big red door. Now she’d made it all the way to the top she was a little bit scared, who would be behind the door and how had they got there?

Sam could hear noises from behind the door so she knew something, or someone was there.  ‘I AM a witch’ she said loudly to give herself courage and flung open the door.

‘ARRRRRGHHHH, a witch!’ shouted a deep but scared voice and Sam saw a massive red dragon sitting on the floor with an equally massive sword lying in front of it. The dragon fumbled with its talons for the sword but dropped it.

‘Don’t be scared’ said Sam ‘I won’t hurt you’

‘Everyone wants to hurt me’ said the dragon sadly.

‘That’s because they are scared of you, people are scared of me too’  smiled Sam.

‘That’s because you are a witch!’

‘I’m a good witch’

‘I’m a good dragon!’

‘Well now we know that we needn’t be scared of each other’ Sam laughed and walked forward ‘I’m Sam’

The dragon laughed too ‘I’m Blade’.


Have you told any fairy tales you want to share?


Story shells?

I had to bring home a bag of shells from my recent holiday in Spain, I couldn’t resist! may_219

So now I have to decide what to do with them! I was thinking story shells as I have some small flat ones

with white surfaces on the inside… but then I thought they would make good small book covers and I

could write stories or photo books to go inside them.


The beach, in Galicia, was lovely may_256 I love the sea and we were lucky enough to be staying right next to it.


We didn’t think up many stories while we were there as we were too busy collecting shells, exploring and paddling. I did try to

persuade Arran that dolphins wanted him to swim off with them but he wasn’t so keen until I thought that they could take him to

a pizza place in a harbour so he didn’t have to eat raw fish! And I am working on a story involving pirates, dolphins and a possible



May Eve

Today is a great one for good stories, the sun is shining the bees and butterflies are out. On my dog walk I ignored the litter and poo and looked at the sun reflecting the river onto the tree trunks, listened to the birds sing and the dog splashing in the water.

So here’s a happy story Arran wrote with the space themed stones (ignoring the impromptu fight in the middle between the good and bad aliens on the other side of the stones he picked!)


Arran’s space story


One day there was a spaceman called Fred  spaceman

he went in his rocket rocket to a red planet red planet

and he saw a robot there robot

They played tag, hide and seek and football together. The robot was a little boy robot called Beep Beep because he was an alien.


Then they had dinner. The spaceman had bought his with him. He had a veggie burger, some toast and some coke. The robot had a veggie burger with alien eyes on top and some green juice. Then the spaceman went back in his rocket and went home.


He didn’t use the satellite and moon stones he picked out.

Have you or your children got any happy stories you’d like to tell us?



My folksy shop selling story stones is now open

I’ll be adding some stories here soon…

If anyone has any of their own please add them!

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